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    First off, I'd like to say that I've played a multitude of different private servers. Every server that makes people go into Elan / Beast Mountain or Bio Lab is a complete crap show.

    Problem - lowbies can't kill high end monsters, weak races can't access monsters

    I really think the monsters should be scaled evenly regardless of map you are on; since a dominating race will always camp the "meta" leveling spot.
    It also puts a lot of stress on RACE LEADERS; as if they "have" to power level players; mainly because they "can not" level up with their current gear.

    Back in older versions of RF Online I always see pro's invite newbies into their party as they are farming monsters.
    Now in newer versions I only see pure Power Leveling party with no reward for the "veteran" player.

    Solution - add various monsters into maps, lower monster damage

    HQ settlements - Assassin builders (best for 30-40)
    A1B1C1 maps - Elan monsters (40-50)
    A2B2C2 maps - Keep the same with Champion monsters (50-55)

    I think monster damage is too high, but the game should reward party play. Lower monster damage but raise HP, so good parties that kill fast will level faster.

  2. admin

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    Honestly, your suggestions are very special in this case I can say, that you trying make easy farming and lvl up for newbies, but this solution only reduced pvp from main maps.
    Version of games are not depends on "pro's help newbies", for all years of game there is no any changes.

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