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    We’re excited to be housing RF Online at MID-WAY. We will do our best to provide new content, exciting events, and satisfying customer support.

    Fortunately, you can transfer your RF characters from other server account to your MID-WAY account.

    What can and can’t be transferred?
    • All existing characters from servers can transfer;
    • All items in your bags and storage (bank) will transfer (but only that available on the 2.1.5 version);
    • Items in UMT storage and mail will not transfer;
    • Guild names, items in guild banks, and guild money will not transfer;
    • Your character names will transfer as long as it does not already exist;
    • More information on transferring point systems (ex. contribution points, PvP points, etc) will be announced soon.
    Request an account transfer by clicking the link below: @admin
    You will need to write full information about your account on another server.

    1) WebSite
    2) Login
    3) Password
    4) FG Password
    5) PIN (optionally)

    After transfering all characters on another server will be deleted. More information available this FAQ.

    Attention! Server from you will do transferting must be the same of concept. 4game, LytoGames, RedFox, PlayPark is available to transferting permamently.

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