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Chipwar: Cora's Defense (Evening; August 30, 2017)

I thought ZlayaZaya would give up last night's CW where 2 races teamed up to destroy Cora's chip. Battle was intense. great def from Cora that lasted for 1hr and 45mins and managed to destroy chip with a few mins left. congrats to Chip Breaker bie.

Non Verbatim from Belalto's Fire : Great def Cora. too much DPS. Some Bellato players need to leave from CW.

Congrats ! More CW wins to go!

-X5 (Cora Grazier)
GG last night... Knightz here from Bellato..just too many Nuke from your Archon but anyway we lost with no excuse ^_^v
Congratz...looking forward for more battle in Cw..Atleast the CW is not boring anymore...cya in the field :) -Knightz-
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