Discussion in 'Cora Guild' started by Rockstar, May 12, 2017.

  1. Rockstar

    Rockstar User

    shouts to all newbie out der... please join cora... decem needs you.. regarding on PL and newbie items.. there will be cora players who will help you.. just shout whenever you need one.. thank you.. =)
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  2. E Prime

    E Prime Newbie

    new cora reporting for duty o7
  3. fofoy16

    fofoy16 Newbie

    new cora recruit here. im almost done downloading the game. @99% :) i hope cora players are helpful especially with lowbies
  4. rimartias

    rimartias Newbie

    i am 69 ign freya still struggling with force close T_T
  5. Labutaw

    Labutaw Newbie

    ign: Labutaw

  6. neil00

    neil00 Newbie

    no one is around.
  7. neil00

    neil00 Newbie

    what's your IGN?
  8. Labutaw

    Labutaw Newbie

    can you help me how to go to volcanic area?
  9. neil00

    neil00 Newbie

    you can tp to Beast Mountain then go backwards for VC entrance.

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