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Movement bug

Ok i have a warrior, and for some reason i move much slower on my warrior than my mage, even though have the same movement speed bonuses.

Tested with fire, sprint charm and speed buff and i moved much slower than him

Furthermore i tested where he ran with just speed buff and sprint charm, and i ran including my gold wind knife, and he still ran faster than me...

Please i need this fixed... severely hinders me in PVP

I Got the same problem.
Today when i got CB and run to Core using Archon Set + GoldSword Speed + Speed Buff im very slow than another peoples and including Fire told me im so slow and i dont know why because im using charm speed + set + blade and people's still running much more then me.

- AhownAhow
i discovered the issue, DO NOT logout in AA... ,it will bug your base movement speed. So before you logout make sure to put on norm al armor