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    I have just started playing the new grind-RPG server, so far, so good, but i got some suggestion for this new start:

    1- We start with no returnee weapon, this is good, we got say this is rpg-grind server, it took me ages to kill some young flems with my bare hands and get some loot and buy ammo for the gun, so i would suggest to give all new character, the same amount of race money that you get when you get to win the CW, its is 50k , with that, we can buy initial ammo for weapons and some potions

    2-I get the idea of RPG-grind server, but, there is no point wasting ages to get to lvl 30, that is when you get first class and the real fun start, so im my opinion, to get lvl 30 should be easier, you guys could triple the rewards (not the contribution points) for all the complete quest that are available for level 30-, like this we would get lvl 30 faster and we could have some small amount of money to spend with the initial animus,siege kits or MAU.:Good:

    3-There is almost no mage online, and even with had, takes ages to level up the mages buff to lvl 6 or 7, so we could have at foreign vendor at portal, the speed charm and clairvoyance charm, and for the tank class, we can all agree that with no aggressive generators, tankers cant hold mobs aggro. Just those 3 items are good, no need any other genz or charms.:acute:

    4-RPG-Grind server is hard to make money, so the Archon armor lvl 45 and lvl 50 should have price reduced by perhaps 25% ?:Boredom:

    Those are my suggestions for now.
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    Hello, tell me where I can farm loot for money? I'm 38 lvl, I'm running in 33 clothes, because I do not have the money for normal clothes of my level, and to find it, too, is not that small loot that falls, only enough for first-aid kits, and soon they will not be missed, tell me that there is some kind of mob from which the loot drops well? if there is none, then this is the final ...
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    @Pashka lol that's normal for all of us who just started. I reached level 45 using a level 35 int spear. :D Calianas and Passers at Ether will be your best spot for farming.

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